the secret society of late night conversations

by deathbythecolt, selva

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the city sleeps
we don't
the silence inspire
as our eyelids get heavier
our words get sincerer

honesty makes us warm
nothing will last forever
and forever is now

we stay up late to remember this and celebrate
who we are, what we're up for

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artwork by Lais Dornelles
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released November 11, 2013

deathbythecolt, selva




deathbythecolt, selva Balneário Pinhal, Brazil

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Track Name: deathbythecolt - bring back 80's speed metal
this is the beat for dreamers
this is not for hopeless
this is the beat for lovers
this is not for heartless

deconstructing brick by brick
short steps on a thin line
a personal matter
in this little piece of time
Track Name: deathbythecolt - black hole
swallowing galaxies
void's not tasteful at all
the last light revealed:
the moon have been stolen by a bird
and the call of the wild wolf is coming soon

the sun is laughing behind our backs
'cause we're off track

a black hole is coming
what we know, we don't
Track Name: selva - at home I
on days like this
in which the answers are in my old friend's words
it hurts to leave
and search for answers away from here

"one more cup?"
"let's smoke one more?"
the scenes are the same. but the characters are not
but it's not to be understood
even the smartest could not

but we should be fine I believe
and everything will be a part of a great thing

but you know how I feel. I feel good...
Track Name: selva - at home II
the last days pointed to here
and i still feel a bit of that old fear
but we're dealing with things that complete ourselves
and makes us feel better, we live good here

''what is freedom to you?''
i really dont know, but i do
i cultivate good times with my old friends
i don't count too much on luck.

we should not depend

i hope im right
and if it is to go wrong
i want to miss it here
where i feel at home
at home...